Image: A slightly mad scientist
A slightly mad scientist -- by MarinaCoric

A collection of some of articles & resources on math & science

Leo Walsh is a writer, living in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find his science fiction novel even snow melts on Amazon.

Despite the common view, science is both fun and enlightening. In the right hands, science has great promise to help our world. Scientists can use their findings to feed and clothe us all comfortably.

In the wrong hands, though, science can be used to exploit and kill. Witness the atom bomb and drones.

These resources are a tool to help the rest of us, who are non-scientists, understand science. And how scientist view the world. Because working in ignorance is folly, and allows us to be better informed when it comes to navigating the complexities of everyday life. And ensure that we are using science wisely.

Because, as Will Durant points out in his The Story of Philosophy, science is important. But it is a tool That must be applied by humans using judgement to ensure it is being used justly and for good.

[Un]Common Sense -- musings on science and the scientific method (Series)

Articles on Being Skeptical (but not closed minded!)

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