Just the Facts....

Leo Walsh is a writer, living in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find his science fiction novel even snow melts on Amazon.

I think that Alcoholic Anonymous says it best. "We have the right to differ in our opinions, but not in our facts." 

Which, to me, means that all people's beleifs -- left, right, center; Republican, Democrat and independent -- should start with reality, not dogma. And not "spin" as is too often the case. So I am compiling a few pages that collect what I call "good data." Which means that the sources must be
  • Capable of passing peer-review, the "Pepsi Challenge" of any real research.
  • Simple, but not simplistic.
  • Reported by a reliable source -- such as a government agency, research university, or research institution that has no political "ax to grind."  

The List.... (Clicking exposes the links -- Trying to tame "infinite scroll")

Journalism & Fact Checking

Economics & Social Sciences - Data Sets & Education

Global Warming

Guns (Completely dispassionate -- the facts only)

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