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Wheelbarrow (beside the white chickens)

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Ben O'Brien hates bullies, loves Jo, and loves to hate his pa. But he can stand on his Jordans. Well, until the reckoning comes and he's left on his own.
Excerpted from the novel Livewire Voodoo.


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Frank O'Brien lives and breaths Rust Belt steel. Well, until the cancer makes breathing a struggle. And the dying nixes living. But when he wakes up in Calvary and downs the first whiskey he's had since the egg-headed doctors cut him off, things get, well... interesting....
Calvary collects stand-alone stories from the novel Livewire Voodoo. Set in a crumbling working class neighborhoods where ghosts are less scary than everyday demons, it's real as steel, yet filled with magic and possibility.

The Tavern Keeper's Tale

Buehler's just a regular mook, a bar owner making book on the side. Good life. Until Freddy knocks, sending Buehler's life sideways.
* Excerpted from the novel Livewire Voodoo.
    * Excerpted from the novel Livewire Voodoo.

Available on my Good Reads author profile: https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/445624-livewire-voodoo

Other Info About the Book

Livewire Voodoo is a novel of literary fiction with some fantasy and crime fiction elements. Here is the link the free version. I am regularly adding sections.

Since the idea for the book came from Carl Gustav Jung's Seven Sermons to the Dead -- or Septem Sermones ad Mortuos in Latin (available as an appendix to Jung's wonderful Memories, Dreams, Reflections, or online as part of the Gnostic Society Library), the chapters are called Sermos, or Latin for "sermon."

Leo Walsh is a writer, living in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find his science fiction novel even snow melts on Amazon.

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