Saturday, February 16, 2013

My novel nearly finished.

Well, a long time ago, I kidded myself that I was a writer. I had some good ideas that I had put onto paper -- well, into a PC. Back when I used floppy disks and my word processor was called WordStar.


As long ago as that was, I fished out that text about a year ago and read it. The novel called even snow melts, a sort of Shakespearean tragedy set on a Science Fiction earth colony, was pretty good. But not great. It had an awkward opening. And a lot of rookie mistakes. Likely par for the course when you begin something in your 20's, and dig it out 20 years later....

But, flawed as it was, even snow melts was, in essence, solid. Which was gratifying. After all, it takes some moxie to say, "I'm an artist." And then go about creating some art. But how many stand the test of years. especially when those years included reading Joyce and Woolf and Pynchon in addition to a huge percentage of the science fiction cannon.

Lord knows that the world is full of poseurs... And, it turned out, i was not one!

So I began to work on the book, treating the old text as more of an outline that I followed than a book I was reworking. And, after a year, I am beginning to see some light. The scenes are blocked. And the action is now pretty well pared down. I wanted the focus to be the characters, and not the shoot-em-up action -- there is Kung Fu and a civil war afoot.

The feedback from my writer's groups has been excellent, though sort of hampered by the fact that they only catch a few thousand words at a time. But I have been working with an editor. And she seems to think I have something....

Cross them fingers.

As you can see from the image, I have a cover I am pretty happy with right now. which can mean only one thing: I am getting close to being finished working with my editor. It will be available in both print and Kindle from Amazon at first. Likely around Saint Patrick's Day 2013.

Now, as to how much it sells...

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